DMM ID: DMM and Papertrail Launch New RFID PPE Technology

Showing off new DMM ID Technology

Papertrail has partnered with DMM to launch a revolutionary new technology designed to improve safety, accountability and efficiency for safety equipment users worldwide. DMM ID uses RFID chips in-built into DMM safety equipment to uniquely identify equipment, and instantly record inspections using Papertrail’s cloud-based safety management system.

DMM ID was premiered at A+A in Dusseldorf this week, and received an extremely positive reaction from brands excited about the potential of this new technology to increase security and accountability for everyone involved in the manufacturing, distribution and use of safety equipment.

Not only will DMM ID help counteract the rising problem of counterfeit PPE, but it will help users collect and record important information about the usage and inspection of safety equipment via a seamless integration with Papertrail’s cloud-based safety management system.


How DMM ID Technology Works

DMM ID technology is made with safety and security in mind. This is how it works.

RFID Chips containing unique product information are built into DMM equipment during the manufacturing process. This equipment, when bought, can then be easily scanned by an RFID reader (similar to a barcode reader) which will pick up the information from the chip and record it instantly in Papertrail’s cloud-based safety management system.

For a brilliant visual demonstration of how it works, check this out.


Unique product information, such as a serial number, is the only foolproof way to identify whether or not a product is genuine or counterfeit. RFID chips are the best way to present this information, as they are completely integrated with the safety systems you use, and are indelible – unlike ink or paint, which can fade over time.

DMM ID integrates seamlessly with Papertrail: the time spent creating records and making inspections can be reduced by 90% by using an RFID reader, and the accuracy of safety management information is increased dramatically.

We’re extremely proud to be working with DMM on this new project and believe this kind of in-built accountability will change the future of health and safety equipment.

If you’re interested in DMM ID technology and how it works with Papertrail, book a demo with us here!

Thinking about adopting RFID for your company’s products? Check out our Partners page, and find out how Papertrail can work with your company to change the way people make inspections forever.

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