Important Papertrail Update: We Are Launching A Changelog

Friday, August 19, 2016

Papertrail is constant evolving and improving. Our development team has been hard at work since day one, making Papertrail easy-to-use and implement for customers who want an immediate improvement in their ROI.

Over the last few years, we have been rolling out features, from major updates to small tweaks, at such a pace that we have not been able to keep everyone informed as often as we would wish. Earlier this month, we announced Activities, a simple way to stay compliant, whilst giving managers an overview they can’t get elsewhere.

Activities mean that every user action taken on a Papertrail account is recorded and timestamped. Customers love this feature, especially managers, senior executives and business owners. Transparency is made easier throughout, whilst also making it impossible to falsify compliance, training and health and safety records using Papertrail.

In that same spirit of transparency, we are delighted to announce Changelog.

How Will Changelog Enhance Your Papertrail Experience?

From now on, we can keep you informed quicker about updates, improvements and fixes. Instead of waiting for an email or a blog, our product development team will publish a note directly to

These updates are also shared directly through your account on the web app, and will be referenced in blogs and emails (where more context is needed). Each log is also assigned a colour coded tag, so you can find out at a glance whether a problem has been solved (Fix – in orange) or something new has gone live (green). Improvements are noted in purple.

With Changelog, there’s no more wondering whether Papertrail has got all of the features you need. Is there a product feature your organisation would benefit from? Start your Papertrail for free today, to see how we can help you improve operational efficiencies, compliance and safety standards.

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