Greencut Horticulture Take Safety to the Next Level With Papertrail


Greencut Horticulture are one of the UK’s most in-demand tree surgery companies, with over 40 years’ experience in providing all manner of arboricultural services to both public and private-sector companies in Kent, London and beyond.

With a reputation for excellent health and safety standards and quality workmanship to uphold, Greencut started using Papertrail in November 2015 to make managing their equipment even simpler, and to ensure compliance with a whole host of laws and regulations that affect arboricultural companies nationwide.    Continue Reading…

Successful Safety Management for Arborists: Free Webinar

If you’re a professional arborist, tree surgeon or forestry worker, you’re busy – especially at this time of year! But whether you’re climbing trees, inspecting safety equipment or organising teams, you don’t need us to tell you that safety should always be top of mind. To find out how recent advances in technology can help you and your team stay safe, join us for a free webinar next week.

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Safety Management for Arborists: LOLER Thorough Examiner Training

According to the HSE, tree care is one of the highest risk industries in the UK. Safety management for arborists is therefore a hot topic, and we’re delighted to be working with one of the leading providers of short courses for arborists in the UK – Treepartner. We caught up with director Richard Allmond recently to ask his thoughts on Papertrail, and find out more about the LOLER Thorough Examiner training course which he ran recently at Mysercough College, Preston. Read on to find out more….

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