A Milestone For Papertrail: Inspections Reach 2,000,000

Monday, September 12, 2016

Myself and the team at Papertrail are proud of our adventure background and fiercely proud of helping keep people safe along with our environmental responsibilities. When we took the concept of Papertrail to reality, the solution we had in mind was to deliver:

  1. A technology that reduced the amount of paper being used in the trail of inspections for checking assets and safety procedures. The risk being loss of paper, or too much paper used, wasn’t just bad for the environment but it also increased risk with too many human steps in the process.
  2. A solution that made the whole inspection process a lot easier and therefore we could do more with the limited time we had. This was a fact of life, not enough time, too many tasks!
  3. Because of the insurance implications and regulatory pressures, the solution was to improve accountability and increase information transparency. This didn’t just speed up time of delivering what was needed and reduce frustration, it also demonstrated control.


Today we now manage over 2,000,000 inspections on behalf of our customers. This means we are helping people reduce risk, improve compliance, forge better governance processes, reduce effort and therefore cost. At the beginning this was beyond our wildest dreams but we are growing at speed and our team and processes are growing with it.


We are working across numerous sectors including Health Services, Renewable Energy, Leisure Attractions, Adventure, Arboriculture, Rope Access and Manufacturers amongst many more. This excites us. It means we are not just helping spread the message about safety but we are also improving the environment with less paper being needed and also helping people be more efficient. We love it when we hear that people can leave work on time and be with their families.

We are your business information platform to help manage risk while improving compliance and safety standards. We exist to help with efficiencies, transparency and accountability and we thrive on supporting positive environmental change.

Have a look around our website and please do make contact to discuss your organisational needs.

Until we meet…

Ben Scholes

CEO and Co-Founder

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