Kit Inspections & Inventory Management Sorted

With Papertrail RFID & Barcode Scanning

A Simpler Way to Make Inspections

Keep track of your kit and inspection schedules using Papertrail RFID & Barcode scanning technology. Never forget another inspection. Say goodbye to paper and Excel records. Buy your RFID scanners and tags today: get your kit sorted.

Product Recalls: Simplified

With Papertrail’s RFID tagging, camera uploads and barcode scanning, it takes only seconds to store your entire equipment inventory in your account.

When you hear about a recall, quickly login and check if any of your kit is affected using the manufacturer's product numbers. We will also issue proactive warnings, to ensure our customers are aware of a potential problem with equipment straight away.

SL Tree Care, an Arboricultural Association-approved tree surgery company in the South East of England, uses Papertrail to keep an inventory of their equipment, including uploads of, so all employees know what they're supposed to be inspecting.

RFID tagging also proved invaluable when thousands of pounds of kit was stolen from their centre in February 2016 – local authorities were able to search the area much more effectively, and insurance providers had confirmation that the equipment existed.

Steve Launchbury, Owner of SL TreeCare, said, "Having all our records in Papertrail made it easy to show the police and insurance company that we are serious about the safe running and operation of our company."

Papertrail: Keeping things simple

Save time and money managing health and safety