Get More Done Faster With Papertrail API Access

For large organisations, health & safety involves planning, syncing team schedules, inspecting, managing and repairing assets. This involves using multiple systems and processes that aren’t connected with each other.

Make your job easier, managing health and safety in large organisations, with access to the Papertrail API.

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Simplify Your Systems

Compliance, training and inspections can’t be done in isolation, especially in large organisations. Health & safety involves multiple systems interacting, and staff sending emails, online messages or leaving Post-it® notes.

Papertrail can make your heavy workload a little lighter.

Gain customisable access for developers; say goodbye to notes and emails, with systems synchronised through the Papertrail API.

Integration Made Easy: Papertrail API

Gaining access to Papertrail's super powerful API means our developers can work with your team to start building the systems and processes your organisation needs to reduce everyone's workload.

From asset management, equipment repairs to easy calendar alignment: Our API can automate everything you need. Once set up, Papertrail integrates with third-party plugins, such as Google Calendar, Outlook, SAP and dozens of other software systems.

Create Automated Workflows

Shrink your to-do list, with automated workflows through Papertrail's API. Stop relying on dozens of systems and processes. Develop and integrate the systems you need to manage assets, health and safety, teams, equipment and calendars.

Anything is possible when you build with the Papertrail API.

API Integration Available With Every Enterprise Plan