Time-saving safety management for arborists

Health and safety needn't be a headache. Save time and money with Papertrail.

Forestry work, from tree care to pruning and felling, involves complying with a myriad of laws, industry guidelines and compliance regulations. Make compliance easier by putting your entire equipment inventory, inspection records and to-do list items on one platform.

With Papertrail it’s easy, with notifications, inventory management and apps that work offline.

Benefits of Papertrail

Meet standards for legal inspection processes related to regulated CE equipment and schedule daily, weekly, monthly or annual inspections as required.

Spot items needing maintenance quarantine or repairs, to prevent future issues and keep services running and provide evidence of maintenance.

Reduce workloads and paperwork with faster and more streamlined processing of audit data.

Save management time by ensuring everyone knows what they’re doing and who is are accountable.

Centralise certificate records for easy reference and issue reminders for renewals and continuing professional development.

See the availability of qualified employees as well as those who need further training or certification renewals.

"The most impressive change we have experienced is the speed in which our company can respond to maintenance issues due to the notification system. We would highly recommend this software to anyone who has a responsibility to safeguard the maintenance and inspection of equipment."

Michael Kirkby - Director - Colin White Tree Surgery

Extensive features

For basic management

Our entry-level package includes minimum legal requirements for one, three and five-year schedules, up-to-date status reports for each item accessed via a dashboard, folders and tags for locations and roles, and more.

For advanced management

An advanced subscription includes customisable inspection schedules, status reports, export options, workflows and integrations, and task management.

Simple to use

Implementing Papertrail does not require any additional hardware and the system’s simplicity translates into more profitable operations for your business.

Globally available

Companies worldwide use Papertrail and your staff and customers can access the data they need at any time, from the cloud.

Versatile and adaptable

Don’t just use Papertrail for equipment tracking. It can be used to track any form of inspection, certificate or test record and it is compatible with any brand or component with a serial number, barcode or RFID tag.

Mobile friendly and customisable

Papertrail is built to work on all iOS and Android devices and allows you to set notifications to suit any given asset, making it easy to trigger follow-up actions such as further certification tests.

You’ve worked hard to build your business and its reputation. Don’t let a twist of fate bring it all down. Speak to us now about the Papertrail inspection, certification and audit management platform that can help protect your brand.

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