Time Saving Safety Management for Arborists

Health & Safety is mandatory for landowners, arborists and forestry workers. It needn't be a headache. Save time and money: Get Papertrail, a simple and powerful safety management system.

Colin White Tree Surgery started using Papertrail to manage their compliance with PUWER and LOLER regulations as an alternative to their previous paper-based systems.

Arboriclture - Tree Surgery

"The most impressive change we have experienced is the speed in which our company can respond to maintenance issues due to the notification system. We would highly recommend this software to anyone who has a responsibility to safeguard the maintenance and inspection of equipment."

Arboriclture - Tree Surgery
Michael Kirkby - Colin White Tree Surgery

No More Excel: Simple Equipment Inspections

Arboriclture - Simplify workload

Tired of trying to keep track of kit inspections and safety records using paper notes and Excel? Hundreds of tree care specialists around the world recommend Papertrail.

Simplify your workload:

Stop Worrying About Records

Forestry work, from tree care to pruning and felling, involves complying with dozens of laws and industry guidelines. Make compliance easier, with your entire safety inventory, inspection records, and to-do list items at your fingertips.

Set notification schedules to ensure you never miss a mandatory inspection again.

Look after your team

Forestry and Arboriculture work is three times more dangerous than working in the construction industry. Keep your team and contractors safe: ensure they are up to date with inspections, legislation, training and safety procedures.

Simple safety software

Papertrail was created out of the need to find an easier way to keep accurate records and demonstrate compliance. It was designed for and by safety and PPE inspectors and trainers in the adventure and arboriculture industries.

We also made sure it could be used anywhere since we know most safety management doesn’t happen in the office. Write and update safety records, from anywhere. Papertrail’s Apple & Android apps work offline, with built-in barcode and RFID scanning, photograph and location services. Capture all the data you need to stay safe.

Free Ebook: Become Better at Arboriculture Health and Safety

Papertrail has been working with the arboriculture industry since the early days, designing software that helps make people's lives easier and safer in an industry which is three times more dangerous than the construction sector.

Over the years, we've learnt a lot about health and safety in the arboriculture sector, and this knowledge has been instrumental in shaping our software. We're now releasing everything we know about the industry in an Ebook, free of charge, for you to download.

Stress Free Safety Management

Comprehensive safety management, without unnecessary software features.

Saves time

Reminders and alerts. Record inspections on any device

Easy to use

Designed for everyone, not just techies


Inspect kit and work worldwide

Works anywhere

Get Papertrail on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop


Up a tree, on a rig, even in a cave! Safety without a signal

Photos, Notes & Barcode Scanning

Store photos, notes and barcode data, direct from your phone

Safe & Secure

Industry standard data security


Reports, inspections and more at the click of a button


Customer support, ready when you are. Phone or email

Save time and money managing health and safety