Common Sense Safety Software for Emergency Services

Health & Safety software that simplifies compliance, saves times on paperwork and manages risk for those who care for and protect the public.

Fire, Police & Health Services use Papertrail to Manage Risk

Papertrail was designed to improve and simplify safety management systems. It’s trusted by thousands of staff and contractors in high-risk professions, from forestry to adventure, rope access, and oil & gas.

However, risk is harder to manage for emergency services. The HSE acknowledges a balance is necessary, but so is compliance with health and safety legislation. We ensure this is less of a headache for those with compliance responsibilities.

Simplify Record Keeping

Emergency service staff take more risk in situations where others wouldn’t, to protect and serve the public. All reasonable measures can be taken, but higher levels of risk are still expected.

This means relying on safety equipment in dangerous situations. Papertrail keeps track of when equipment inspections are required, and when kit needs repairing or replacing. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Easy to use, Anywhere

Emergency services already have enough paperwork to fill out. Risk and compliance management shouldn’t take longer than necessary.

With Papertrail, we’ve worked hard to keep this simple. You can create and update safety records anywhere, even when you have no signal. Papertrail’s Apple & Android apps work offline and come with barcode and RFID scanning, photograph and location services built in.

Stress Free Safety Management

Comprehensive safety management, without unnecessary software features.

Saves time

Reminders and alerts. Record inspections on any device

Easy to use

Designed for everyone, not just techies


Inspect kit and work worldwide

Works anywhere

Get Papertrail on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop


Up a tree, on a rig, even in a cave! Safety without a signal

Photos, Notes & Barcode Scanning

Store photos, notes and barcode data, direct from your phone

Safe & Secure

Industry standard data security


Reports, inspections and more at the click of a button


Customer support, ready when you are. Phone or email

Save time and money managing health and safety