Avoid your next major failure today

Compliance and inspection tracking for renewable energy

A gearbox failure. A crack on a blade. These events can cost you millions.

These can often be avoided through better inspection regimes and speedy access to information. But keeping track of every inspection of every component in your environment is hard when you’re using a spreadsheet.

That’s why renewable energy companies like yours are moving to Papertrail, a simple yet powerful inspection-tracking platform that makes equipment inspections a blessing, not a headache.

Benefits of Papertrail

Energy - Help cut costs

Help cut costs by a factor of 100 by improving notification and tracking of equipment and processes.

Energy - Improve health and safety compliance

Improve health and safety compliance using an inspection platform also used by hospitals and healthcare providers.

Energy - Enable proactive management

Enable proactive maintenance with customisable inspection alerts and a full log of component checks.

Energy - Reduce downtime

Reduce downtime following incidents by providing full, up-to-date reports to aid investigations.

Energy - Increase information visibility

Increase information visibility to improve the usage and lifespan of your assets.

Energy - Reduce reputation damage

Guard against reputational damage from accidents caused by poor maintenance.

Energy - Innogy

Innogy Renewables UK Limited

“Gwynt y Môr is the world's second largest wind farm and as such we take compliance and risk extremely seriously. Working with Papertrail we are able to improve our health and safety posture by streamlining processes and information and in parallel, speed up the information flow around wind turbine inspection planning.”

Justin Grimwade - Business Information Manager at Innogy Renewables UK Limited

Extensive features

Designed for the renewable energy industry

Papertrail is already being used by some of Europe’s top renewable energy asset owners, running alongside industry-standard applications such as Planet OS.

Mobile friendly

Papertrail is built to work on all iOS and Android devices, making it quick and easy to update inspection reports from the field and maximising your investment in mobile technology.

Compatible with any brand or component

Anything with a serial number, barcode or RFID tag can be tracked on Papertrail. And all the data can easily be handed over from one team to another, for example after commissioning or following an asset sale.

Globally available

Companies around the world use Papertrail. And its mobility means you can use it wherever there is a signal, slashing the administration times associated with inspection reporting and compliance.

Fully customisable

Papertrail allows you to set notifications to suit any given asset. And the platform is easy to integrate with a growing range of other renewable energy asset management tools.

Simple to use

Papertrail does for inspection reporting what Salesforce.com does for customer relationship management or WordPress does for websites. Its simplicity translates into safer, more profitable operations for your business.

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