Reduce Corporate Risk and Improve Health & Safety Compliance, With Papertrail

Accidents and serious incidents are rarely unavoidable. Assess your corporate safety culture today, with a compliance platform that reduces operational risk.

Protect Customers, Staff, Contractors and Brand Reputations

Asset downtime is a risk you can avoid, with the right data at your fingertips.

Avoid exposing your organisation to unnecessary and avoidable risk. Accidents and near-misses can have costly, sometimes, devastating consequences. Public safety is job one in leisure and adventure parks, where there is an inherent risk factor, albeit one that should be minimised.

With our transparent compliance platform, everyone should be fully aware of inspections, repairs, asset faults, training and other health & safety activities. Papertrail reduces the administrative burden of risk assessments and asset reviews, whilst ensuring your team stay on top of every task more easily.

Papertrail: Your Safety Platform

Haphazard procedures and limited management visibility can create a catalogue of errors that can cause injuries, even cost lives. Human error is preventable.

Our experience with hundreds of companies across dozens of sectors demonstrates that many organisations could do more to improve safety culture, once Papertrail made them more efficient managing and mitigating risk. Compliance doesn’t need to be a headache.

Designed for Leisure & Adventure Parks

Papertrail is already working with popular leisure attractions, at Zip World and Greenwood Forest Park in Wales. The team are experienced adventure activity professionals. We had to find a better way to manage safety and equipment inspections, but couldn’t find one - so we created Papertrail.

With hundreds of customers worldwide, we know that records are too important to keep scattered between folders and spreadsheets. Secure your inspections, risk assessments and training logs in our system, with complete access control and management oversight.

Stress Free Safety Management

Comprehensive safety management, without unnecessary software features.

Saves time

Reminders and alerts. Record inspections on any device

Easy to use

Designed for everyone, not just techies


Inspect kit and work worldwide

Works anywhere

Get Papertrail on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop


Up a tree, on a rig, even in a cave! Safety without a signal

Photos, Notes & Barcode Scanning

Store photos, notes and barcode data, direct from your phone

Safe & Secure

Industry standard data security


Reports, inspections and more at the click of a button


Customer support, ready when you are. Phone or email

Safeguard Your Customers, Staff and Corporate Reputation, with Papertrail