PPE Inspections Just Got Easier

Whether you manage health and safety for your employer or clients, Papertrail’s inspection software saves you time, saves money, and makes it easy to demonstrate compliance.

No More Paper or Excel

PPE Inspection

Hundreds of PPE inspectors around the world have switched to Papertrail, giving up on inefficient paper, excel and note-based health and safety record keeping.

With Papertrail, safety management is easy, wherever you are. Write and update safety records, from anywhere. Our Apple & Android apps work offline, with a barcode scanner, RFID scanning, photograph and location tools. Record keeping made simple.

Record Keeping Made Simple

Create and manage hundreds of records in minutes. Add your entire safety inventory, inspection records, and to-do list items, and set schedules to ensure you never miss a mandatory inspection. Thousands of inspectors around the world have already switched to Papertrail.

Phil Nelson, Managing Director of Surf Lines, said, “Papertrail makes us more efficient, saves us money and gives me peace of mind. It’s an essential tool for any responsible business owner in the outdoor adventure industry.”

Safety Software, Designed For Peace of Mind

PPE Inspection

Papertrail does much more than save time and money on PPE inspections: It's full-service safety management system. Set reminders when inspections are due, update records, print certificates, log training and complete paperwork on your phone, tablet, or laptop, on and offline.

Stress Free Safety Management

Comprehensive safety management, without unnecessary software features.

Saves time

Reminders and alerts. Record inspections on any device

Easy to use

Designed for everyone, not just techies


Inspect kit and work worldwide

Works anywhere

Get Papertrail on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop


Up a tree, on a rig, even in a cave! Safety without a signal

Photos, Notes & Barcode Scanning

Store photos, notes and barcode data, direct from your phone

Safe & Secure

Industry standard data security


Reports, inspections and more at the click of a button


Customer support, ready when you are. Phone or email

Save time and money managing health and safety