Better Safety Management for Rope Access Professionals

Safety management and kit inspections shouldn’t be a headache. Enjoy stress-free training and compliance, with Papertrail.

Test & Inspect Equipment More Easily

Rope Access - Test equipment more easily

The lives of rope technicians are in the hands of the equipment they use. Regular inspections and testing are essential. Each piece of kit, including fall arrest equipment, is given a unique identifier before each job.

Papertrail makes regular inspections easy, with notifications, inventory management, and apps that work offline, with a built-in barcode scanner, RFID scanning, photograph and location services.

Simplify Training Records

Training is a continuous process for rope access technicians. Keep trainer and student records more easily in Papertrail. Log rope work time between training sessions and tests, with your reports and printouts produced in seconds. The easier way to demonstrate compliance.

Time Saving Team Management

Ensure everyone knows what they’re doing: Add your team members for complete accountability of safety checks. Set and restrict folder access with a few simple clicks.

The Free Ebook for Rope Access Technicians and Managers

We've been busy working with our friends, clients and partners within the industry to solve real health and safety needs for Rope Access Managers and Technicians around the world, designing software that saves time on vital safety inspections, helps you stay compliant with the law and reduces the risk of accidents.

We've learnt a lot about health and safety in the Rope Access industry over the years, and this knowledge has been instrumental in shaping our software. We're now releasing everything we know about the industry in an Ebook, free of charge, for you to download.

Stress Free Safety Management

Comprehensive safety management, without unnecessary software features.

Saves time

Reminders and alerts. Record inspections on any device

Easy to use

Designed for everyone, not just techies


Inspect kit and work worldwide

Works anywhere

Get Papertrail on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop


Up a tree, on a rig, even in a cave! Safety without a signal

Photos, Notes & Barcode Scanning

Store photos, notes and barcode data, direct from your phone

Safe & Secure

Industry standard data security


Reports, inspections and more at the click of a button


Customer support, ready when you are. Phone or email

Save time and money managing health and safety