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How to make sure a loss doesn’t turn into a catastrophe.

When you’re a growing business it’s more important than ever to tread carefully with the equipment you own and use. A single accident, a theft, a fire or a flood can all push your company to the brink of extinction.

That’s why it’s important to keep detailed records of everything you own, for insurance purposes, for compliance or for evidence in an investigation. We know you just don’t have time for that now, so we’ve made it easy… with Papertrail.

Benefits of Papertrail

Protect your brand in the event of an accident by quickly and easily being able to show compliance with equipment inspections and other requirements.

Keep your equipment records securely in the cloud so you still have complete information on your assets following a major incident.

Improve customer service and employee satisfaction by making sure all your equipment is always up to date and fit for purpose.

Cut administration times by moving paper-based records onto a cloud-based system that is easier to use and update.

Know where everything is and what state it’s in for easier insurance claims management in the event of a loss.

Reduce your liabilities by making sure vital equipment is always reviewed and approved on time.

“Following a theft, having all our records in Papertrail made it easy to show the police and insurance company that we are serious about the safe running and operation of our company. Thanks to Papertrail, we’re looking forward to getting our business back to normal.”

Steve Launchbury, owner at SL TreeCare Ltd

"As centre manager, I know I can pull up the whole inspection record for a piece of equipment without leaving my desk. I can log in at any time for an overview and quickly see which inspections are due. That gives me confidence and peace of mind."

Audrey Seguy, managing director at Castle Climbing

Extensive features

Globally scalable and available

Companies worldwide use Papertrail and your staff, partners and customers can access the data they need at any time, from the cloud. And you pay for use, so Papertrail can scale as your business grows.

Compatible with any brand or component

Anything with a serial number, barcode or RFID tag can be tracked and the data sits securely in the cloud, where you can make it available to internal teams or customers, as required.

Mobile friendly

Papertrail is built to work on all iOS and Android devices, making it quick and easy for your staff or customers to update product data from upgrades, inspections, scheduled services, repairs and so on.

Used by hundreds of growing businesses around the world

Where companies care about the equipment they own, you’ll find them using Papertrail to keep track of inspection records and always stay compliant.

Fully customisable

Papertrail allows you to set notifications to suit any given asset, making it easy to trigger follow-up actions such as repeat inspections or warranty checks.

Simple to use

Implementing Papertrail does not require any additional hardware and the system’s simplicity translates into more profitable operations for your business.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Don’t let a twist of fate bring it all down. Speak to us now about the start-up insurance no insurer can offer.

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