Boost iAuditor with Papertrail integration

Using iAuditor and Papertrail together improves the value of both

SafetyCulture’s iAuditor app has been used to log more than 30 million inspections, helping companies achieve safer and higher-quality workplaces worldwide. Tens of thousands of people globally, meanwhile, trust Papertrail to save time and cash on inspections.

Putting these two industry-leading platforms together makes sense if you want to get the best out of both. And our iAuditor integration makes it easy. Save an audit on iAuditor and it is available straight away on Papertrail, making it easy to search for or follow up on.

Benefits of Papertrail

Save all your audits on Papertrail so you can search for an audit record from anywhere in the world, or plan follow-up activities such as training sessions.

Maximise the value of your existing IT investments by giving your iAuditor and Papertrail applications extra capabilities.

Know when each audit has been completed thanks to automatic notification when records go onto iAuditor.

Always know when your next vital audit is due by filtering audit records according to priority or type.

Automatically manage escalations and other tasks linked to audit outcomes.

World Challenge

World Challenge

“Papertrail is very valuable to World Challenge. It allows us to observe the safety of our customers more effectively, which is why we are one of the most trusted names in the sector.”

Stuart Morris - Global Operations Director

Extensive features

Used by a growing range of leading organisations

The iAuditor Papertrail application is already saving money and improving quality for clients as diverse as World Challenge or Cardiff County Council in Wales, UK.

Massively scalable, instantly searchable

Companies can store hundreds of audit results every month and yet go through them in an instant when needed, for example to be able to show compliance.

Mobile friendly

Papertrail and iAuditor are both built to work on all iOS and Android devices, making it quick and easy for your staff or customers to update product data from inspections wherever they are.

Fully customisable

Papertrail allows you to set notifications to suit any given asset, making it easy to design processes and workflows that improve your workforce’s efficiency.

Globally available

Companies worldwide use iAuditor and Papertrail and your staff and customers can access the data they need at any time, from the cloud.

Simple to use

Papertrail and iAuditor do not require any additional hardware and their simplicity translates into more profitable operations for your business.

If you already use iAuditor then find out how you can do much, much more when you integrate it with Papertrail.

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