Don’t let a fall be your fault

Failsafe personal protective equipment management

When people are doing things high off the ground, there’s always a chance they will fall. If that happens to your workers or customers, the quality of your ropes and harnesses could mean the difference between life and death.

That’s why personal protective equipment (PPE) inspections are vital for any business where working at height is involved. And it’s vital to make sure inspections are adhered to and records are easy to find in the event of an incident, which you can do with Papertrail.

Benefits of Papertrail

Meet standards for UK Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations and other legal inspections.

Cut compliance administration by scheduling automatic reminders for daily, weekly, monthly and annual inspections.

Reduce risk for your clients and workers by making sure they are not using faulty or out-of-date PPE.

Prevent equipment supply bottlenecks by having a complete view of the status of all your PPE stock.

Extend the lifetime of PPE equipment by ensuring it is reviewed and repaired periodically.

Show compliance at any time with a complete service history for each item of PPE.

PPE Management - Offshore Painting Services

Offshore Painting Services

“OPS holds health and safety as a top priority. We have a zero-harm policy, which is passed onto our employees and technicians alike. Papertrail has been a revolutionary system for OPS with regards to our personal protective equipment control.”

Lee Bolton - Rope access manager - Offshore Painting Services

Extensive features

For basic PPE management

Our entry-level set up includes minimum legal requirements for six-month or annual schedules, and up-to-date PPE status records that can be accessed via a dashboard. LOLER certificates are available to export from your folders and tags.

For advanced management

An advanced subscription includes customisable inspection schedules, status reports, certifications, export options, workflows, integrations, task management, check lists and care and maintenance schedules.

Simple to use and globally available

Implementing Papertrail does not require any additional hardware and the system’s simplicity translates into more profitable operations. You can access the data you need at any time, from the cloud.

Mobile friendly and customisable

Papertrail is built to work on all iOS and Android devices and allows you to set notifications to suit any given asset, making it easy to trigger follow-up actions such as repeat inspections or warranty checks.

Designed for easy integration

Papertrail is already being used by a growing range of equipment manufacturers. And it is compatible with any brand or component with a serial number, barcode or RFID tag.

With optional extras

Choose customised configuration and implementation, training, reporting, IT support and additional PPE inspection services.

When it comes to safety, don’t leave your staff and customers hanging. Speak to us today.

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