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Papertrail is simple to implement and use, and will deliver instant results for your business. But to really make the most of this powerful platform, it helps to take advantage of the vast experience we have gained through deployments around the world.

Our professional services team can help you improve efficiencies and inspection compliance by making sure you are benefiting from the the latest Papertrail platform applications. We use a four-step process to help you maximise the value you get from Papertrail.

1. Discovery and information gathering

A Papertrail expert in your industry will help you research, evaluate and understand which procedures in your organisation require evidence to be documented.

We’ll also show you why you need this data and how you can gather it most efficiently for future reporting and management.

2. Planning and design

Once all the information is in one place, we will help you and your team work out how your processes and procedures can be managed within Papertrail.

This is a critical step in making sure your new management systems are adopted easily by your team or workforce.

3. Development and account construction

Once all the processes and procedures are agreed, we will help you design custom Papertrail accounts, paying attention to details such as data fields, inspection statuses and filters. We help you demonstrate the new ways of working to your team.

And during this exercise we will collect feedback and make enhancements before uploading your data and rolling out Papertrail across your organisation.

4. Implementation

To help in the rollout of your new management systems and to ensure successful adoption, our team will assist with training your managers, supervisors and inspectors.

As your user base gets to know Papertrail, we will offer more advanced training in reporting, and continuing professional development in management systems.

Why use Papertrail’s professional services?

Benefit from a platform that is fully tailored to the needs of your business.

Forget about implementation glitches and adoption worries.

Get much more value from your Papertrail deployment.

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