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Task Manager makes Papertrail a powerful work management tool

Using Papertrail to log and access records from anywhere, anytime, is a major bonus for your organisation. But the real value comes from being able to attach corrective and preventative tasks to those records, so faults get remedied, follow-on maintenance gets done and so on.

You get all that powerful functionality with Papertrail’s Task Manager tool. It gives you a way of creating and assigning tasks to named team members, complete with deadline dates and current status information, to make sure you can drive quality improvements from day one.

Benefits of Papertrail

Increase asset utilisation and lifespan by making sure servicing and repairs are carried out in a timely fashion by properly qualified technicians.

Ensure compliance with safety and quality standards by ensuring repairs, replacements and follow-up checks are all evidenced and completed on time.

Enhance customer service by making sure your equipment and staff all have the latest certifications and accreditations needed for the job.

Boost profitability by improving the efficiency of maintenance work and enhancing equipment availability.

Improve safety by allowing staff to check the status of items in need of remediation.

Clarify roles and responsibilities by assigning named team members to specific tasks.

Cardiff City Council

City of Cardiff Council

“Inspectors can record something once and the system will do all the work behind the scenes. We're not chasing inspections these days.”

Matthew Long - development and projects manager

Extensive features

Create workflows within seconds

Task Manager is quick, easy, and fully embedded within Papertrail. If you notice something that needs doing during an inspection, you can log it straight away and forget about it afterwards.

Let everyone see how tasks are progressing

Task Manager tasks can be visible to as many people as you want, so maintenance teams to keep track of jobs that are still outstanding or need to be dealt with urgently.

Customise your task view

Task Manager’s powerful filtering and sorting capabilities make it simple for you to view your tasks any way you want, from what they are called to when they are due.

View tasks across multiple accounts

If you have a single login for multiple accounts then it’s easy to see all your tasks in one dashboard. Alternatively, you can look up tasks for a particular profile.

Add tasks via your Papertrail mobile app

Task Manager is embedded in our mobile app, so you can add preventative or reactive tasks from anywhere and at any time, on or offline.

Set up a to-do list for every record

Turn your inspection reports into living, breathing action plans by adding follow-up tasks assigned to named individuals.

With optional extras

Task Manager adds a whole new layer of benefits to your Papertrail platform. To find out more, contact us now.

Task Manager adds a whole new layer of benefits to your Papertrail platform. To find out more, contact us now.

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