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Save time and grow your equipment inventory with a smart PPE management system.

PPE must be regularly inspected for safety and compliance purposes, but as the amount of equipment grows this can put a strain on your administrative resources.
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Papertrail users have reported up to 90% reduction in administration workload since using our PPE management system. Discover the features of a smart PPE management system all included in our whitepaper - available to download for FREE!

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Hi. I’m Ben Scholes. As one of the co-founders of Papertrail I’ve seen more PPE management systems than I can count!

The use of PPE is increasing and must regularly be inspected for safety and compliance purposes. This can, however, put a strain on administrative resources. Learn how you, as an equipment manager, can take advantage of smart PPE management systems and reduce your administrative workload today with the help of Papertrail!

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