Ensure the reliability of your tools at all times.

Papertrail's Tool Management template ensures a convenient and industry-compliant system for managing and monitoring all types of tools.


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How critical is it to have a comprehensive overview of your tools and their usage?

Your operations depend on it.

From calibration tools to electrical testing equipment, each tool type demands precision. Here's why effective tool management is paramount:

Each day without reliable Tool management risks:

Hundreds of hours spent on managing equipment
Lost productivity during inspections
Violations of regulations and fines
Failed audits and reputation loss
Faulty or missing equipment
Unsubstantiated personal injury claims
Undetected safety issues and accidents

Spreadsheets alone won't suffice for you Tool management needs.

Without a purpose-built system, you miss out on:

Real-time and historical inventory visibility
Easy data updates and searches
Reminders and alerts for approaching deadlines
Simplified Accreditation

You need a reliable solution that won’t cost you 10x in admin time and human errors.

Secure Your Digital Future

Upgrade your safety management with Papertrail's Tool Management Template. Contact us now for a personalised demo and take the first step towards a safer future.

Effortless Tool Entry

Add new tools in a few clicks with our industry-standard directory and template.

Stay Compliant with Ease

Receive timely reminders for tool calibrations and maintenance, ensuring compliance.

Efficient Tool Insights

Gain valuable insights into tool utilisation patterns, helping you optimise resources effectively.

Timely Maintenance Alerts

Receive automatic alerts for tool maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring peak performance.

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