Make your safety inspections actionable.

Papertrail task manager helps you track and demonstrate corrective and preventative actions after inspections, assessments and audits


Inspections Completed

We help growing enterprises manage inspections and follow-up actions

Timely safety inspections are pointless without corrective action.

If your audits are indicating the same safety issues every time, you need a more robust system to track follow-ups.

Papertrail’s Task Manager ensures that you don’t miss critical repair or replacement notices, alerts, and more.

Ensure accountability by assigning tasks as soon as an issue is noted.

After completing an inspection, use our Task Manager to assign the appropriate follow-up action to team members or external contractors.

Set deadlines, add notes, and attach relevant documents to each task.

Make teamwork smoother and faster with real-time collaboration.

Work with team members in real time by assigning tasks to team members, leaving comments, and tracking progress all within the platform.

Stay on top of deadlines by monitoring progress.

Keep track of task-progress with real-time updates and notifications.

You’ll always know exactly where your team is in the process of completing each task.

Skip the last minute struggle to evidence compliance.

Easily demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards and internal policies. Provide proof of completed tasks and corrective actions taken to any auditors or stakeholders.

Flagging the same issues again and again? Make corrective action after inspections a priority with our Task Manager.

Make Corrective and preventative actions after inspections a priority with our Task Manager

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“The beauty of Papertrail is that we can adopt a new inspection regime for any new piece of equipment at any time, and can assign this to a member of staff with ease.
Compliance plays a huge role in the arboricultural industry, and mismanagement of this can have big implications.

Papertrail ticked a lot of boxes in terms of compliance management, ease of use, and stability. “
Navin Sehmi
Operations Director, Greencut