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Inspections Completed

How being an ARB Approved Contractor benefits your business

Grow your business

Local Authorities and other large commercial organisations require ARB Association Approved Contractors to work on their sites


Instantly show potential customers you are a reputable business.


Your business will be listed in the ARB Approved Contractor online directory.

Managing all your records and paperwork effectively with current systems is difficult


Paper copies

Policies on Personal computers

Lack of inventory visibility
Slow and painful search
Require constant updates
Unreliable record history
Lack reminders and alerts
Not built for collaboration
Difficult to achieve accreditation

It’s costing you 10x in admin time, errors and hidden costs

Get Papertrail today!

Papertrail provides a simple cloud based solution tailored specifically to companies complying with ARB Association standards
Easily manage, monitor and maintain all :

Asset, Equipment and machinery records

Management,  KPI reports and industry compliant LOLER exports.

Safety and Environmental Documentation

Accident reports and investigations, Risk assessments, Safety inspections

Staff Competency

Evidence and Insight into staff training and qualification needs

Get access to your entire inventory from one dashboard.

Arborists can quickly and efficiently create their inventory using our Product Directories
Quickly add or import equipment
Search for your equipment, get safety information from our directory and import it directly into your system with serial numbers.
Get all your information in one place
Track and view all equipment data such as identifier, serial number, purchase date, inspection history and current status, in one single view.
Search through all records and products
Find equipment records with lightning speed and update its status from any place, any time.
See inspections and statuses at a glance
Know when you're missing equipment, what and when items are due for inspection, highlight which ones are overdue and report on status.
Stay updated with reminders
Schedule inspections, set up their frequency and keep informed with reminders. Never miss an inspection again.

Keep up to date with staff training

It is essential that Arborists are trained and always certified.
Easily manage all training
Assign tasks and responsibilities to your team members with deadlines and ensure everyone knows what they need to do.
Store all your information in one place
Staff training records, Competency certificates and accreditations
Have visibility of all accreditations
NVQ/SVQ Tree Work (Arboriculture) Certification, AA Technicians Certificate, EAC European Tree Technician Certificates and Company induction documents
Search and find records within one location
Search through staff records with lightning speed and update them from any place, any time.

Manage and store all safety documentation in one place

Easily create and manage all safety documentation in one place.
Easily manage and store safety documents
Store all Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Environmental Policies and company documents securely in one place.
Ensure documents are always up to date
Log and share any changes and updates to risk assessments, policies and documents from any place any time.
Ensure access and visibility to the whole department
Invite your team members and technicians. Assign tasks and responsibilities with deadlines.
Search and find all records within one place

Search through company documentation and procedures with lightning speed and update them from any place, any time.

Get Papertrail and transform the way you record and store ARB evidence.

Manage, monitor and maintain your equipment and paperwork with a robust and efficient cloud-based platform. Carry out inspections efficiently, maintain reliable records easily and get complete visibility over your inventory and accreditations with Papertrail.

On average, our customers save 2-6 times more than they invest in Papertrail.

We've personally tried every single existing safety and compliance method out there. And we'll be honest—things were pretty rough.

There had to be something better than complicated tools and messy spreadsheets from last century.

So, we built Papertrail: to become an integrated asset and equipment management system for the 21st Century.

Over the course of 8 years, we've helped businesses across 45 countries transform their clunky inspection processes into sleek and efficient systems.

Move to a simpler, faster way of maintaining accurate records and proving compliance.
“After using Excel to manage 2500 items of our plant, Papertrail streamlined all our processes- managing the use, movement and inspection of all our equipment.
Compliance plays a huge role in the arboricultural industry, and mismanagement of this can have big implications.

Papertrail ticked a lot of boxes in terms of compliance management, ease of use, and stability. “
Navin Sehmi
Operations Director, Greencut
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