Get document management that lets you go paper-free.

Papertrail’s document management template helps you securely track, store and manage all company documents, manuals, policies and contracts.


Inspections Completed
Largest fine yet for violating safety regulations

Losing track of documentation can lead to heavy fines.

A growing business goes hand-in-hand with a growing bank of company documents like critical operating procedures.
Storing them securely while ensuring all stakeholders have access to the documents they need is a demanding job.

3.9 M
Working days lost to workplace injuries
£5.1 M
Largest fine yet for violating safety regulations

Every lost or damaged document puts your business at risk.

You team falls behind on valuable training and know-how, projects face delays and audits become a nightmare— all because of missing documentation.

Failed audits
Personal injury claims
Unbilled  hours
Reputation loss
Heavy Fines

Using another document or spreadsheet to manage records just adds to the pile.

Without a purpose-built system, you lose efficiency and accuracy.

Lack of inventory visibility
Slow and painful search
Require constant updates
Unreliable record history
Lack reminders and alerts
Not built for collaboration
Difficult to achieve accreditation

You need a reliable solution that won’t cost you 10x in admin time and human errors.

Papertrail’s simplified template takes the stress out of document management.

Access all documents on one centralised dashboard.

Skip the hassle of multiple databases
Never lose track of critical documents. Get a real-time view of all stored documents on one platform.
Make search lightning-fast
Forget spending hours sifting through piles of paperwork. Search for and produce any document instantly through your Papertrail account.
Maintain a clear history
Need to look up an older version of a report or manual? Track changes and updates for an unbroken record of all operations and procedures.

Add new documents with a couple of clicks.

Standardise document storage
Our template gives you a standardised set of fields that you can populate to ensure that there are no gaps in information.
Use filters and folders to view and manage specific documents
File documents under the relevant folders and filters for ease of access.
Tag your documents
Simplify search for specific use cases, areas or levels of access.

Get complete control over document access and user permissions.

Access at any time, on any device
Make it simple for stakeholders to look up information they need, even on the go. Help projects move faster without compromising on safety and compliance.
Make collaboration simple
Keep records secure while giving the right people the level of access they need to do their jobs.
Implement version control
Ensure each new document is version-controlled and that everyone is accessing the correct one.

We partner with growing enterprises to help manage documents

On average, our customers save 8-10 times more than they invest in Papertrail.

We've personally tried every single existing safety and compliance method out there. And we'll be honest—things were pretty rough.

There had to be something better than complicated tools and messy spreadsheets from last century.

So, we built Papertrail: to become an integrated asset and equipment management system for the 21st Century.

Over the course of 8 years, we've helped businesses across 45 countries transform their clunky inspection processes into sleek and efficient systems.

Move to a simpler, faster way of maintaining accurate records and proving compliance.

We take support seriously; our customer reviews are evidence.

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Our team will handle the entire process of data migration for you. So you can start using Papertrail with your inventory already set up, and get to work right away!

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Dafydd J. Network Manager
Pull up the documents you need instantly and say goodbye to project delays, incomplete training and failed audits.

 Don’t scramble to locate important documents at the last minute.

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