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Gain insights into your record keeping statistics, inventory values, or staff training plans, Papertrail's Analytics suite has you covered.


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We help growing enterprises streamline their decision-making process with our analytics suite

Seamless Integration

Analytics seamlessly integrates into your Papertrail account. Located in the web application, the Analytics tab provides a user-friendly interface to explore and analyse crucial data for informed and improved decision-making.

General Account Analytics

A comprehensive overview, displaying counts of active records and users.

The Task Manager assessment lets you track open and closed tasks, ensuring you stay on top of crucial action items.

Additionally, delve into inspection outcomes to understand both positive and negative sentiments.

Inventory & Compliance Report Analytics

Track record counts with recorded inventory values and those with missing values.

Gain insights into inventory value and availability segmented by state and folder, with an added currency breakdown for multi-currency clients.

Elevate your asset management strategy and make data-driven decisions for optimal resource allocation.

Staff Competency Report Analytics

Understand the total staff count, differentiate between valid and invalid staff members, and gain insights into the state of staff qualifications.

Ensure that your team is adequately qualified, reducing compliance risks, and optimising performance.

Custom Analytics Reports

For those on Compliance and Risk Management Packages seeking specific insights, our Custom Analytics Reports are the answer.

Tailor your analytics experience to meet unique requirements, ensuring that you get the exact data needed for strategic decision-making.

This exclusive feature allows you to fine-tune your analytics, providing unparalleled flexibility in extracting valuable insights that align with your business objectives.

We take support seriously our customer reviews are evidence.

Data migration support

Our team will handle the entire process of data migration for you. So you can start using Papertrail with your inventory already set up, and get to work right away!

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Elevate Your Analytics Game

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