Stay ahead of your inspections

Papertrail’s iCal integration eliminates the risk of missed inspections for you and your team.


Inspections Completed

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Transform your inspection process

Papertrail’s iCal integration helps you stay on top of your inspections. iCal is supported by Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail, and ensures  your schedule is synced across all your devices All upcoming inspection-related events are displayed conveniently alongside your other commitments with.  

A bird’s eye view of all inspections

Take charge of your inspection process, and liberate yourself from navigating endless spreadsheets. With just a few clicks, your inspection schedules are available on your calendar.

Effortless Event Grouping for High-Volume Days

Simplify your busy inspection days with Papertrail’s iCal Integration. Group multiple inspections into an event, providing a clear view of your schedule. Delve into the details of those inspections with one click. Experience a sophisticated approach to managing high-volume days with ease.

Where teamwork makes the dream work

With Papertrail’s iCal integration, your team is on the same page. Inspection schedules are shared with your team members, improving coordination and efficiency.

Tailor Your Schedule with Personalised Calendar Displays

Precision meets productivity with Papertrail’s iCal Integration. Select the number of months of inspections you want to display on your calendar. Say goodbye to cluttered views and hello to a sleek, refined interface. Take control of your schedule and plan your inspections with ease.

Smart Reminders

The iCal integration keeps you on track with timely reminders and notifications, so that you are always prepared and ready. You never miss a crucial deadline with iCal.

Sync across your devices

Your calendar is a powerful tool that keeps you organised and efficient. Papertrail's iCal integration synchronises your inspection schedule across all your devices.

Missed inspections can lead to damaging fallout

Keep up with all your inspections and stay organised  with a cloud platform that ensures nothing slips through the cracks.
Reminders and notifications keep you updated, informed and ready for all your inspections.

Your inspections become hassle-free with Papertrail

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“We have more than 7,500 pieces of equipment here at Zip World. We’ve got a range of things that need inspecting at different levels.
The best thing about Papertrail is its ease of use, really. It’s very simple for myself and other people to use. And we’ve got an exact record of who’s used it, because it’s very secure.

It’s got good accountability. Papertrail halves the time it takes to record inspections”.
Jim Bacon
Health, Safety and Technical Training Advisor