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We offer a comprehensive solution for carrying out and recording inspections with accuracy, all in one central place. Say goodbye to manual paperwork, scattered records, and missed inspections. With, you can streamline your inspection workflows and ensure compliance effortlessly.

Effortless Inspection Management

Papertrail makes inspections a breeze, allowing you to easily add and conduct inspections from any device. Collaborate seamlessly with your inspection teams using our intuitive interface, ensuring accurate information and documentation. Plus, with customisable checklists, choose from industry-standard or create your own, tailoring the inspection process to your specific needs. 

Centralised Asset Data

Consolidate all your asset data, including inspection records, in one secure cloud-based platform. Say goodbye to physical file cabinets and scattered documents. Papertrail offers a centralised repository, allowing you to access your data anytime, anywhere, and easily search for specific inspection records or assets.

Automated Notifications and Reminders

Never miss an inspection again. Papertrail keeps you on top of your inspection schedules by sending automated notifications and reminders. Say goodbye to manual tracking and endless spreadsheets. Our intelligent system keeps you informed, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Flexible Inspection Frequencies

Customise your inspection frequencies, Inspection outcomes, and notifications with Papertrail to perfectly align with your team's needs. Whether you prefer industry-standard schedules or want to create your own, our platform empowers you to define inspection frequencies and states that suit your operations. Additionally, you can set custom notification periods for inspection reminders, keeping you informed and on top of your inspection schedule. 

Automated Workflows

With Papertrail’s automated workflows, you can rest assured that inspections will never fall through the cracks. Our system runs like clockwork, automatically tracking inspection due dates and escalating reminders if a record is overdue for inspection. Say goodbye to manual tracking and potential compliance risks. 
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“We have more than 7,500 pieces of equipment here at Zip World. We’ve got a range of things that need inspecting at different levels.
The best thing about Papertrail is its ease of use, really. It’s very simple for myself and other people to use. And we’ve got an exact record of who’s used it, because it’s very secure.

It’s got good accountability. Papertrail halves the time it takes to record inspections”.
Jim Bacon
Health, Safety and Technical Training Advisor