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Import equipment from 120+ leading manufacturers in just 2 clicks

Wind turbine safety
Height safety Equipment
Energy and utilities safety
Theatres and stage rigging
Climbing walls and ropes parks
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inspections across 15 industries

Welcome to, your ultimate asset management and inspection software solution. Our modular platform is tailored to help you reduce risk, drive efficiency, and ensure accountability across your operations.

With features designed for industries such as adventure safety, arboriculture, industrial access, energy and utilities, and more, Papertrail is the comprehensive tool you need to streamline your asset management processes.

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Our customers save between 8-10 times more than they invest.

We've personally tried every single existing safety and compliance method out there. And we'll be honest, things were pretty rough.

There had to be something better than complicated tools and messy spreadsheets from last century.

So, we built Papertrail to become an integrated asset management and safety equipment system for the 21st Century.

Over the course of 11 years, we've helped businesses across 45 countries transform their clunky inspection processes into sleek and efficient systems.

Move to a simpler, faster way of maintaining accurate records and proving compliance

Here's how simple inspections are with Papertrail

Scan or search for equipment on the Papertrail app
View all details and history of the item instantly
Complete the inspection checklist and add supporting evidence
Save the record to your system automatically and track all updates
Fall protection is the most frequently cited violation by OSHA

Managing a growing inventory is hard, but not doing it right can have major consequences.

Your business and your customers loyalty are at stake.

As your business grows, so does the size of your inventory. It’s difficult to manage increasingly large sets of equipment, documenting inspections and maintaining records.

3.9 M
Working days lost to workplace injuries
$1.8 M
Largest fine yet for violating safety regulations

Faulty equipment & lost records are a huge risk to your business.

You're risking huge gaps in compliance, missed deadlines, hundreds of unbilled hours, a hit to your reputation, heavy fines, costs of stolen equipment and more—just because of unreliable records.

Would your records stand up to:

Data Loss
Injury Claim

Excel and paper systems aren’t built for safety management.

Lack of inventory visibility
Slow and painful search
Require constant updates
Unreliable record history
Lack reminders and alerts
Not built for collaboration
Difficult to achieve accreditation

They’re costing you 10x in admin time and human errors.

Get Papertrail and transform the way you record and store asset and equipment data.

Manage, monitor and maintain your inventory with a robust and efficient cloud-based platform. Carry out inspections efficiently, maintain reliable records easily and get complete visibility of your operation with Papertrail.

Get access to your entire inventory from one dashboard.

Quickly add or import equipment
Search your products, get safety information from our Product Directory and import it directly into your system.
Get all your information in one place
Track and view multiple variables per item such as identifier, serial number, purchase date, inspection history and current status, in one place.
Search through all records and products
Search through items with lightning speed and update unique records from any place, any time.
See inspections and statuses at a glance
Know when you're missing equipment, what items are due for inspection and when, highlight which ones are overdue and report on status.
Stay updated with reminders
Schedule inspections, set up their frequency and keep informed with reminders. Never miss an inspection again.

Reduce the risk of accidents and avoid fines with quick, effective inspections.

Streamline your inspection process
Speed up the process of carrying out inspections with barcodes, serial numbers, RFID technology, photos and location services.
Make documentation easier
Standardise your inspection process with easy to use checklists. Make your documentation comprehensive with photographic evidence and custom fields.
Bulk inspect products
Inspect multiple products in one go and cut the unnecessary back and forth.
Work on the go
Complete checklists, conduct audits and inspections and share reports directly from your phone with our mobile app.

Prove compliance easily with up-to-date inspection records.

Track inspections
Create time-stamped records with complete inspection details including who inspected the equipment, the location, status and service history.
Use pre-built modules
Maintain records easily using our pre-built templates and forms, tailored to your industry.
Simplify any type of inspection
Track any form of inspection or certification such as LOLER, vehicle tax, insurance, appraisals; anything that requires a periodic check within your company using Papertrail.
Show proof of compliance
Generate reports, exports and certificates to provide the evidence you need to prove compliance to industry standards and international regulations.
Prove employee competence
Prove that your staff are competent to handle the equipment they use with staff certification management, using Papertrail.

Automate manual tasks and collaborate with your team.

Get timely notifications
Get notified when a product is nearing the end of its shelf life. Never issue equipment that should be retired.
Manage user permissions
Set permissions and restrict access to folders with a few simple clicks.
Set up automated workflows
Build automated workflows to eliminate boring repetitive tasks such as changing dates, copy and pasting information across documents etc.
“After using Excel to manage 2500 items of our plant, Papertrail streamlined all our processes- managing the use, movement and inspection of all our equipment.

It can save days of labour over a year and allow for a comprehensive record of all plant and PPE.”
Paul R,
Plant coordinator
"Gwynt y Môr is the world's second largest wind farm and we take compliance & risk extremely seriously.

Papertrail helped us improve our health and safety posture by streamlining processes and speeding up the information flow around wind turbine inspection planning."
Justin Grimwade,
Business Development Manager, RWE
Advanced First Aid Equipment Inspection Management
I have advanced first aid kits with approximately 40 different items in each bag, and the majority of these have expiry dates which must be monitored. Papertrail provides me with the status of these items on a regular basis and I’m able to ensure that any expired items are exchanged in a timely fashion. This is something my old Excel system just couldn’t do.
Peter Chilcott
Health and Safety Advisor
RWE Rampion Offshore Wind Farm
Hogan Testimonial title
Review here
Jamie Hogan
Job Title
Hogan Group
Efficient and User-Friendly Asset Management with Papertrail
Implementing has transformed our equipment management practice, streamlined our processes and provided us with complete visibility & control over our assets and management systems.
Dave Jensen
QHSE Manager
Glacier Energy
Inspection Management and Enhanced Client Access and Compliance
Papertrail is great user friendly software that keeps all inspections easily accessible for our clients. We also use the software to ensure our own Rope Access & Lifting Equipment is LOLER Compliant with full traceability.
Robert Clarke,
Rope Access Contracts Manager
Infinite Access Services

We take support seriously our customer reviews are evidence.

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“The support from Papertrail has been excellent. Not that we have needed much as most problems have been easily solved.”

Bob K, Team Leader

"Mobile app means I can update inspections wherever I work, even with no signal. Really quick to get answers from their team too!"

Dafydd J. Network Manager
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