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Improve Safety Management Effortlessly

Managing statutory turbine inspections poses significant challenges, and a single oversight can lead to severe consequences. You can eliminate the risks associated with faulty equipment and lost records with Papertrail's turbine-mounted safety equipment template.

Say goodbye to unreliable Excel sheets and cumbersome paper systems that are ill-suited for safety management.

Upgrade your safety management effortlessly with Papertrail's turbine-mounted safety equipment template.

Seamless Document Organisation

Effortlessly organise and access all your turbine equipment inspection records in one centralised platform. Our intuitive interface ensures that finding and managing critical documents is a breeze. Create a folder structure within your account to match the assets you are responsible for, to make record management efficient and streamlined.

Enhanced Collaboration

Collaborate with your team members effectively by granting them controlled access to specific equipment and inspection records. Our robust access control features provide security and enable smooth coordination across various technicians and stakeholders, increasing overall productivity.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Unlock valuable insights from your wind turbine inspections with our data-driven platform. Analyse trends, identify recurring issues, and make informed decisions to optimise maintenance and enhance operational efficiency. Leverage the power of data to drive continuous improvement and maximise turbine performance.

Efficient Maintenance Planning

Plan and prioritise maintenance activities based on accurate and up-to-date inspection data. Our turbine-mounted safety equipment template allows you to schedule maintenance tasks, track their progress, and allocate resources effectively. Minimise downtime and extend equipment life spans to optimise maintenance budgets.

Streamline Inspection Scheduling

Take the hassle out of scheduling wind turbine inspections. Our platform sets up recurring inspection reminders, ensuring you do not miss critical inspections. Stay proactive in maintaining the safety and integrity of your turbines whilst optimising your operational efficiency.

Enhance Compliance Management:

Stay on top of regulatory requirements effortlessly. Our turbine-mounted safety equipment template provides built-in checklists and customisable certificates, reports, and checklists that meet the standards of UKAS, LOLER, PUWER, and PSSR. Ensure compliance, minimise liability, and demonstrate your commitment to safety.

Time and Cost Savings

Streamline your wind turbine inspections with our mobile app that works offline. Complete inspections on the go, even in remote locations without an internet connection. Carry your inspection checklist on your phone, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and saving time. Our platform allows you to generate custom manifests, certificates, reports, and checklists tailored to meet the requirements of UKAS, LOLER, PUWER, and PSSR.

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