Ensuring and evidencing compliance has never been easier.

Produce and generate comprehensive certificates that prove your equipment’s compliance status.


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Your equipment needs to meet regulatory standards at all times.And you also need to be able to prove that it does. That’s where Papertrail comes in.Papertrail generates detailed certificates that prove your equipment’s compliance status.

Some Certificates that we offer:

Service sheet

Carry out inspections efficiently, maintain reliable records and get complete visibility over inventory.

LOLER Report of Thorough Examination

Accident reports and investigations, Risk assessments,

Certificate of Conformity

Insight into staff training and qualification needs

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Papertrail generates detailed certificates that help you track and prove your equipment’s compliance status.

Use industry-standard reports to generate your certificates and cover all bases.

Get standardised certificate formats
Spot missing data, avoid re-entering the same data multiple times and stay compliant by recording all necessary equipment information.
Use checklists to make LOLER compliance simple
Our built-in inspection checklist and certificate helps ensure and prove thorough examination compliance.
Choose from a catalogue of industry certificates
Stay on top of LOLER Report of Thorough Examination updates, create rigorous shipping manifests, maintain meticulous lifting and service sheets and more.

Need standardisation that is flexible?  Generate documentation that fits your brand

Make your certificates reflect your brand style and professionalism
Add company logos and information, specific signatures and images to certificates.
Streamline your inspection process
Stay on top of upcoming inspections, maintenance or replacement deadlines.
Improve the accuracy and consistency of your inspection reports
Pull up any certificate of conformity, LOLER Report of Thorough Examination or other inspection record the minute you need it.

Maintain accurate historical records to see complete inspection timelines.

Save certificates against equipment records
Skip the scattered paperwork. Make inspection data easy to locate and produce when required by saving it as part of the record for any inspected equipment.
Get complete visibility on compliance status
Track historical data to get a complete picture of any equipment’s compliance status, from the very beginning.
Streamline your audits with reliable certificates at your fingertips
Easily store and access inspection records and other compliance documentation, keeping everything organised and up-to-date.

Enforce accountability with date and time-stamped certificates.

Refer to date and time stamps on certificates
Worried about shoddy inspections or falsified records? Keep track of all inspection proceedings and results down to the minute.
Improve transparency and accountability
Get notified when a product is nearing the end of its shelf life. Never issue equipment that should be retired.
Never fail an audit again
Build automated workflows to eliminate boring repetitive tasks such as changing dates, copy and pasting information across documents etc.

Generate certificates easily on your device of choice and make sharing simple.

Access certificates on web or mobile
Export certificates on the go, even in the middle of a job. Get auto-generated documentation to save time.
Share certificates with colleagues, customers or auditors
Make collaboration simple. Invite other stakeholders to view documentation with ease via the Papertrail platform.
Improve communication and collaboration
Schedule inspections, set up their frequency and keep informed with reminders. Never miss an inspection again.

We partner with growing enterprises to help manage equipment inventories

On average, our customers save 8-10 times more than they invest in Papertrail.

We've personally tried every single existing safety and compliance method out there. And we'll be honest—things were pretty rough.

There had to be something better than complicated tools and messy spreadsheets from last century.

So, we built Papertrail: to become an integrated asset and equipment management system for the 21st Century.

Over the course of 8 years, we've helped businesses across 45 countries transform their clunky inspection processes into sleek and efficient systems.

Move to a simpler, faster way of maintaining accurate records and proving compliance.

Here's how simple inspections are with Papertrail

Scan or search for equipment on the Papertrail app
View all details and history of the item instantly
Complete the inspection checklist and add supporting evidence
Save the record to your system automatically and track all updates

We take support seriously; our customer reviews are evidence.

Data migration support

Our team will handle the entire process of data migration for you. So you can start using Papertrail with your inventory already set up, and get to work right away!

<8 minutes response time

Give us a ring or send us a message via chat during work hours, and we'll be there to help instantly!

“The support from Papertrail has been excellent. Not that we have needed much as most problems have been easily solved.”

Bob K, Team Leader

"Mobile app means I can update inspections wherever I work, even with no signal. Really quick to get answers from their team too!"

Dafydd J. Network Manager
The quality of your equipment could mean the difference between life and death.

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