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Papertrail is here to revolutionise the way you conduct inspections.

With our checklist feature, you can ensure accuracy and consistency with every inspection, making your asset management process more efficient and effective.

Select manufacturer approved checklists to add to your records

Add to single or multiple records
Find equipment records with lightning speed and easily select relevant checklists for them in just a few clicks
Manufacturer approved checklists
Never fail an audit again by selecting from over 200+ manufacturer and industry approved checklists
Attach multiple checklists to records
Papertrail allows you to assign multiple checklists to one record and then select which one you would like to use when carrying out an inspection
Manage your checklists
Choose the checklists required as part of your team’s inspection processes

Automate and standardise your inspection processes

Reduce the risk of data loss
Checklist inspections are autosaved as you progress, meaning you can come back at any time in future and not lose important inspection evidence.
Add detailed evidence
Capture further evidence on your inspections by adding text comments, measurements, images and signatures to your checklists

Improve accountability and collaboration across your organisation

Full record history and audit trail
At anytime you can access the full checklist history on a record and view the inspection outcomes.
See who carried out an inspection and a summary of the checks they  completed including any notes made
Avoid working in silos by having one place where all your employees can view checklist history and carry out preventative actions at the same time

Complete checklists from any place at any time

(including when there is no WiFi)
Offline Mode
If you are offline you can carry out inspections using checklists and Papertrail will automatically sync your account up when you are back online. No data is lost.
Mobile or Web browser
Checklists can be completed from both our web and mobile apps

Create your own bespoke and private checklists

We are here to help
Send your checklist requests to our team who will create the checklist for you and assign it to your subscription immediately
Customise your checklists
Specify the name, descriptions and input field types of your checklists.
Speed up your inspection process
Once the checklist has been added to your subscription you can assign it to single or multiple records ready for your team to use

Import equipment with inspection checklists from leading manufacturers

Our customers save between 8-10 times more than they invest.

We've personally tried every single existing safety and compliance method out there. And we'll be honest, things were pretty rough.

There had to be something better than complicated tools and messy spreadsheets from last century.

So, we built Papertrail: to become an integrated asset and equipment management system for the 21st Century.

Over the course of 11 years, we've helped businesses across 45 countries transform their clunky inspection processes into sleek and efficient systems.

Move to a simpler, faster way of maintaining accurate records and proving compliance

Here's how simple inspections are with Papertrail

Scan or search for equipment on the Papertrail app
View all details and history of the item instantly
Complete the inspection checklist and add supporting evidence
Save the record to your system automatically and track all updates

We take support seriously; our customer reviews are evidence.

Data migration support

Our team will handle the entire process of data migration for you. So you can start using Papertrail with your inventory already set up, and get to work right away!

<8 minutes response time

Give us a ring or send us a message via chat during work hours, and we'll be there to help instantly!

“The support from Papertrail has been excellent. Not that we have needed much as most problems have been easily solved.”

Bob K, Team Leader
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