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Worlds #1 Inspection Management Software

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We go the extra mile to deliver results


We thrive in a supportive environment


We celebrate success, be it small or big :)

How it started...

Papertrail launched
ignite 100
Papertrail used by climbing wall and adventure parks.
Papertrail got accepted onto Ignite 100 and V1 API released
mobile phone
Mobile App
Papertrail released our first mobile apps
for offline inspections
Papertrail partnered with Safety equipment manufacturers to improve data compliance for end users
Renewable Energy
and more sectors
wind turbine
Papertrail used for inspections on the worlds 2nd Largest wind farm.
Papertrail users in every continent
Introduction of Management
Papertrail Introduced new sector templates tailored to meet industry regulations.
Global Inspection
worker icon
World’s largest Rope access equipment directory
19,300,000 Inspections completed 🎉


papertrail logo


Papertrail was first launched with the help of Ignite program

19 Million +


Inspections completed

More than 19 Million Inspections have been carried out using Papertrail web/app

45+ Countries


Global Presence

Papertrail is used by users in every continent including Antartica!


Words from the CEO

Ben Scholes
CEO @ Papertrail

“We're on a mission to develop the worlds leading inspection management platform..

The whole team at Papertrail is dedicated to building the best tools and technology for our dedicated subscribers in some of the most regulated industries throughout the globe”.

Management Team

Ben CEO small

Ben Scholes

What drives me is being able to lead a world class team, that’s building the most innovative and easy to use inspection software that meets the needs of our subscribers from all over the world.
Superpower that I wish for:
"To fly..!"


Head of Revenue Operations
What drives me to work at Papertrail is a great opportunity for development, what we stand for and a great team driving the product.

Superpower that I wish for:
"Teleport so I can travel anywhere at the click of my fingers"

Craig Whiteside

Head of Engineering
I ensure that technology is applied to best effect for the business, to empower and support all members, seeing everyone grow with the business and making sure we all have a  good time doing so!
Superpower that I wish for:
"Uncanny ability to know where a bug is"

Chris Tanner

Head of Product
I thrive on creatively bringing together a variety of software tools and resources to achieve a desired product, service or design solution. Helping our users solve their challenges, is always exciting and hugely fulfilling.
Superpower that I wish for:
"Self cloning so I can multitask more"


Head of Success & HR
I enjoy being part of a team that puts the customer at the heart of the business. From support to new features/sales to tech, the customer is at the forefront of our decision making.
Superpower that I wish for:
"Ability to control the weather - longer, hotter summers and nice snowy Christmases"

 Gareth Beanland 

Chief Revenue Officer
We have an innovative solution that covers multiple industries presenting masses of opportunity to grow exponentially over the next few years. That, combined with the great people is why I love working at Papertrail
Superpower that I wish for:
“Mind Reading - so I know what my customers are thinking !!”

Product Team


Chaitra Anand

Product Designer
I thrive on designing intuitive interfaces that make technology easier to use for everyone. The blend of design, user experience, marketing, and business is what I try to achieve each day.
Superpower that I wish for:
"Ability to spot a push or pull door from afar, no more awkward entries"

Kelly Sherburn

Product Engineer
What drives me to work at Papertrail is being able to get an opportunity to work on a fantastic product with a great team!

Superpower that I wish for:
"The ability to speak to my dog, would love to know what he's thinking"

Development Team

Connor Brady

Connor Brady

Technical Lead
I love the technical challenge that comes with creating a first-class product.
Superpower that I wish for :
“To be able to travel at light speed in order to travel around space”

Darren Mitchell

Senior Full Stack Developer
What drives me everyday is to believe in the product, small team and technology as first focus.
Superpower that I wish for:
"Be a pig, they provide so much joy through bacon, sausages, ribs etc."

Silvio Sampaio

Senior Front End Developer
I always pursued the idea of working on things that were really useful for users. Working at Papertrail allows me to directly contribute to enhancing workplace safety and minimising risks for teams and organisations.
Superpower that I wish for:
"Power to control time"

Jordan Ingram

Data Analyst
What drives me is that there's always various tasks/problems to solve.

Superpower that I wish for:
"Speak all languages so you can communicate with everyone"

Petrina Rodgers

Apprentice Software Developer
I thrive on the ability to solve problems creatively while developing the skills needed to be an effective software engineer.
Superpower that I wish for:
"Flying, it would be so much easier to travel"

Business Development Team


Steve Wilson

Account Manager
The innovation and strategic plans to dominate our industry within the SaaS market is something that stuck out for me, and to be able to join an organisation with such a great and forward thinking team is something that I thrive in.
Superpower that I wish for:
“Time Travel - To go back and buy all the Bitcoin”

Cameron MacPhee

Account Executive
What drives me is being able to provide a genuinely useful and helpful system to improve safety in key industries. The team is also incredibly helpful and welcoming and I enjoy my day to day work.
Superpower that I wish for:
"Telepathy... sales is a lot easier when you know what people are thinking!"

Iain Brydon

Lead Account Executive
I have a keen interest in sustainable practices, Papertrail is a fantastic solution that allows businesses to move away from paper based systems and digitalise their assets and processes.

Superpower that I wish for:
"Teleportation so I could have breakfast in Italy, Lunch in Mexico and dinner in Japan"

Customer Success Team


Rick Mostyn

Implementation Specialist
I thrive on working in great environments, with a great product and getting to know great people!

Superpower that I wish for:
"Captain Efficiency"

Andy Binns

Success Manager
What drives me is being able to help customers, and to keep them happy and safe.

Superpower that I wish for:
"Ability to freeze time at will, time is the only thing you can't get more of!"


Customer Success Agent
I'm driven by the energy everyone has to meet the clear goal we're all working towards: 
To be the Worlds #1 Inspection Management Software
Superpower that I wish for:
“To regenerate and heal at will! Broke a bone? Fixed! Car crash? No problem!”
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