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Say goodbye to manual record-keeping and welcome a new era of efficiency.

With our Breathing Apparatus template, you can effortlessly navigate regulatory inspections, ensuring peak performance for each piece of equipment. Mitigate risks, enhance compliance, and elevate safety management for your Fire Brigade. Bid farewell to outdated practices and embrace a streamlined digital solution catered to your needs.

Each day without reliable BA equipment management risks:

Hundreds of hours spent on managing equipment
Lost productivity during inspections
Violations of regulations and fines
Failed audits and reputation loss
Faulty or missing equipment
Unsubstantiated personal injury claims
Undetected safety issues and accidents

Clunky systems from the last century hinder more than they help.

Keeping your brigade on top of routine updates, maintenance and admin is challenging when you’re tracking inspections and inventory manually.

Lack of inventory visibility
Slow and painful search
Require constant updates
Unreliable record history
Lack reminders and alerts
Not built for collaboration
Difficult to achieve accreditation

You need a reliable solution that won’t cost you 10x in admin time and human errors.

Secure Your Digital Future

Upgrade your safety management with Papertrail's Breathing Apparatus Template. Contact us now for a personalised demo and take the first step towards a safer future.

Seamless Inspection Management

With the Breathing Apparatus Template, conducting inspections is a breeze. You can effortlessly record and track each apparatus's condition and maintenance history.

Real-Time Data Entry

Say goodbye to the burden of manual data entry. Our centralised digital platform enables swift, accurate, and real-time data updates, putting essential information at your fingertips when you need it most.

Automated Reminders for Compliance

Stay one step ahead with automated reminders for inspections, maintenance, and component repairs and replacements. You never miss a crucial deadline and your operational readiness is uninterrupted.

Reporting and Analysis

Gain insights that matter. Robust reporting allows you to identify trends, address potential issues, and make informed decisions for enhanced safety and efficiency.

We take support seriously; our customer reviews are evidence.

Data migration support

Our team will handle the entire process of data migration for you. So you can start using Papertrail with your inventory already set up, and get to work right away!

Under 8 minute response time

Give us a ring or send us a message via chat during work hours, and we'll be there to help instantly!

“The support from Papertrail has been excellent. Not that we have needed much as most problems have been easily solved.”

Bob K, Team Leader

"Mobile app means I can update inspections wherever I work, even with no signal. Really quick to get answers from their team too!"

Dafydd J. Network Manager
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Experience a new era of equipment management with Papertrail's Breathing Apparatus Template.

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