Do your customers feel safe? Can they prove their compliance?

Earn customer loyalty by providing an inspection solution which reduces business risk and provides a unique customer experience.

Partnering with Papertrail delivers the following benefits to manufacturers and their customers

Easily prove regulatory compliance

Comply with Industry standards, regulations and codes of practice.

Deliver full Traceability of your products and provide valuable insight into their' full lifecycle
Reduce risk and cost to your business with 'fully-engaged' safety recalls
Share product data with your customers through our digital product catalogue
Help to combat counterfeit products in the the marketplace
Automatic Declaration of conformity for resellers (EU 2016425)

Increase PPE sales

Engage and incentivise your retailers and their customers with the provision of an easy-to-use software application for safety management.

Support reseller sales and increase performance
Add value to your products and engage customers with an easy-to-use safety solution
Build closer customer relationships, while simplifying and enhancing their safety management
Innovate products based on direct customer feedback
Align with existing Papertrail end user processes
Inform loyal customers of end of life products

Excel at Customer Experience

Support your resellers and end users with a state of the art safety enhancing solution

Make it quick and easy for retailers and end users to search for and add your products to their inventories
Simplify sharing product and technical data with your customers
Promote and enable customers' continued compliance
Follow your products' lifecycles and stay connected with your customers
"Make safety simple" by providing inspection checklists or schedules and supporting documentation

Drive Operational Efficiency

Leverage the power of Papertrail to enhance your organisation's processes

Built in traceability through real-time product knowledge and reportable data
A ready-made, tried and tested industry standard application which fastracks your technology strategy without incurring any significant capital expenditure
Significantly reduce product recall costs
Enable agile design improvements based on timely customer feedback
Consolidate customer communication channels into one which customers actively use
Increase accuracy, reduce time and cost of product-use data searches
Manage IT costs with Software as a Service model

Corporate Social Responsibility

Support your resellers' and end users' values by offering a modern and sustainable solution that will:

Provide customers with a paperless solution to managing their equipment
Ensure a safer working environment
Go above and beyond regulation by actively communicating up-to-date regulatory information
"Make safety simple" by providing inspection checklists or schedules and supporting documentation

Our Partners

Papertrail partners with Global PPE equipment manufacturers who care about their customers, we work in partnership to help build a safer and compliant workplace.

Simple, quick and accurate record creation with Papertrail

"When used in conjunction with the Papertrail equipment management system, Record creation is simple, quick and accurate for your customers."

Richard Rust - Group Financial Director
DMM International
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Features to make your management system work for you

Be more productive

Reminders and alerts
Works anywhere
Available all the time
Easy to use

Achieve industry compliance

Industry standard templates
Used for auditing and international management systems
Works offline
Safe and Secure

Standardise your systems

No more spreadsheets
Inspection images, notes and extra information
Print outs and Certificates
Customer Support

10+ Million

Millions of inspections have been carried out using the Papertrail web and mobile apps.

45 Countries

Papertrail is used by professionals in every continent but Antarctica (but we're working on that).

See why thousands of professionals from 45 countries are using Papertrail to capture millions of inspections.

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