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Simple management

Manage hundreds of records in minutes. Upload your entire equipment inventory.

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Simplify your team work

Collaborate with your team members for ultimate accountability.

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Update wherever you are

Carry out your work from anywhere, even offline with iOS and Android Mobile apps.

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Reminders and notifications

Set your inspection schedules, and Papertrail will remind you when they’re due.

Create, manage and audit your records

Easily create and manage hundreds of records in minutes. Add your entire equipment inventory, inspection evidence, and checklists. Record useful data and information for your team, and set schedules to ensure you never miss a mandatory inspection.

  • Record useful data for your team
  • Set Schedules to never miss an inspection
  • Manually upload or direct import from new
Record inspection history

Engage and work efficiently with your team

Ensure everyone knows what they’re doing: Add your team members for accountability. Set and restrict folder access with a few simple clicks.

  • Manage accounts and folders for your team
  • Set permissions and notifications
  • Mobile inspection evidence
User management

Generate certificates and reports

Quickly and simply generate reports, exports and certificates to provide the evidence you need for proving inspections and compliance.

  • Single and multiple inspection certificates
  • Industry compliant with international regulations
  • Standardise company certificates
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Papertrail helps to maintain our records…

" one easy to use and stable location. There are no more spreadsheets that change with each new person adding something new or changing it. The application is intuitive to use and the staff are really helpful and quick to respond."

Headshot of Lee Bolton from Offshore Painting Services

Lee Bolton, Rope Access Manager

Offshore Painting Services

Carry out inspections wherever you are

Write and update safety records, from anywhere. Papertrail’s Apple & Android apps work offline, with built-in barcode, RFID scanning, photograph and location services. Capture all the data you need.

  • Search and update unique records
  • Barcode and RFID scanning (Including DMM iD and Petzl Datamatrix)
  • Take photos and upload to inspection records
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Confidence in your management system

Standardise processes and terminology across your organisation. Simple to use and stress free

  • Direct import from equipment manufacturers
  • iAuditor integrations
  • Link Dropbox and Google Drive Documents
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Papertrail has been a revolutionary system…

"...with regards to the control over our equipment and work at height PPE. We can demonstrate a robust management system to our clients, auditors and principle contractors."

Headshot of Barry Mcleod from Xi Training

Barry McLeod

Xi Training (Telecoms sector)

Features to make your management system work for you

Be more productive

  • Reminders and alerts
  • Works anywhere
  • Available all the time
  • Easy to use

Achieve industry compliance

  • Industry standard templates
  • Used for auditing and international management systems
  • Works offline
  • Safe and Secure

Standardise your systems

  • No more spreadsheets
  • Inspection images, notes and extra information
  • Print outs and Certificates
  • Customer Support
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Improve your inspection management system today

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