Papertrail vs Readunit vs Motion: Detailed Comparison 

Whether you're using Motion, Readunit, or considering options for your operational wind farm, Papertrail provides unbeatable features and effortless migration. Streamline processes and maximise efficiency.


Inspections Completed

Trusted partner of industry pioneers in the onshore and offshore wind sector.

Compare the Competition:

Papertrail VS Motion VS Readunit

Dedicated Support for seamless setup and configuration
ISO 27001 compliance 
Mobile applications for Android and Apple
Offline Functionality
Checklist Editor
Industry Asset and component directories
Completely configurable
Customer or Client access
More than just rope access and lifting equipment
Customisable Analytics and Reporting 
Dedicated live chat and phone support 
45 day free trial
NFC/Barcode Scanning

Why customers choose  Papertrail?

Easy to Use

All of our customers tell us how easy it is to log asset data and inspections with Papertrail

Dedicated live chat and support

Our support team are always available to guide you and resolve any issues you may have

Completely Configurable

Customise your record blueprint, checklists, certificates, reports and much more to fit your requirements

ISO 27001 compliance

Ensure data compliance and security required for the energy industry 

Works Offline

Complete inspections and record data from everywhere with our mobile app

45 day free trial

Unlock the power of Papertrail with a risk-free free trial, and experience the advantages first hand.

“Ever since we had Papertrail as an addition to our site the job has become so much easier”
David Fell
Lead Technician
RWE Offshore

We take support seriously; our customer reviews are evidence.

Data migration support

Our team will handle the entire process of data migration for you. So you can start using Papertrail with your inventory already set up, and get to work right away!

Under 8 minute response time

Give us a ring or send us a message via chat during work hours, and we'll be there to help instantly!

“The support from Papertrail has been excellent. Not that we have needed much as most problems have been easily solved.”

Bob K, Team Leader

"Mobile app means I can update inspections wherever I work, even with no signal. Really quick to get answers from their team too!"

Dafydd J. Network Manager

Additional benefits our customers love

Checklist editor

Create and customise your own checklists to ensure accurate inspections.

Private Directories

Search your products, get safety information from our Industry directory and import it directly into your system.

More than just rope access and lifting equipment

Search your equipment, get safety information from our directory and import it directly into your system.

Analytics & Reporting

Choose from a number of standard reports or customise your own

Papertrail offers an all-in-one inspection management solution that covers every essential feature you need to streamline your operations.

No other competitor matches our comprehensive feature set.


Migrate with Ease

Transitioning from manual spreadsheets or alternative software solutions is hassle-free.
Simply provide us with an export of your data files, and our seamless migration process will take care of the rest. You'll be up and running on Papertrail in no time, with your existing data effortlessly transferred and ready to use.

Switch with Confidence

Already using Motion or Readunit?
Switching to Papertrail is as simple as exporting your data and sending it to us for seamless integration into your Papertrail account. Say goodbye to complexities and technical barriers - we handle the entire process for you, ensuring a smooth transition without any disruption to your operations.

Stay Ahead with Papertrail

At Papertrail, we understand the unique needs of the onshore and offshore wind market.
Our goal is to provide you with a solution that optimises your workflow, enhances compliance, and delivers unmatched support. With dedicated chat and phone support available whenever you need assistance, our team is always here to help you make the most of Papertrail.
Choose Papertrail and unlock the full potential of your  onshore and offshore wind operations. Experience the difference today!

Don't settle for subpar asset and inspection management software.

Free 45 day trial, no credit card required