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Learn why businesses from all market sectors trust Papertrail to securely store, import, manage and inspect their PPE kit in line with LOLER regulations.

Our FREE, customised consultation session will explore the capabilities of the Papertrail platform, offer the opportunity for you to ask questions, and help you understand how Papertrail could save you time and money by taking your inspection management into the 21st Century.

Why choose Papertrail?

Save time and money with one-click PPE inspection management

Tired of filling out multiple spreadsheets or paper forms for your PPE inspections? Papertrail makes rope access safety inspection management quick and easy. Import, update, manage and inspect any equipment with just a few clicks, either from the web-based desktop platform, or our handy smartphone and tablet app.

No more losing paper forms
Cloud-based management platform
Easy-to-master software service

Help your team to stay compliant

Around the world, various governments and safety institutes have implemented rules and regulations around the regular inspection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Make sure you and your team stay on the right side of these regulations by using Papertrail to manage the inspection records of all your protective equipment.

Comprehensive LOLER inspection history - produce inspection evidence on demand
Reduce your admin burden - saving time and money
Schedule automatic reminders - so you’ll never miss an inspection again!

Tell the whole story

With Papertrail, you can see the entire lifetime of your equipment, at a glance. See when your kit is due for maintenance or replacement, helping to extend the lifetime of your equipment with regular maintenance, and never miss a mandaotory inspection again!.

A complete view of the status of all your PPE stock
Show compliance at any time
Prevent equipment supply bottlenecks

We hold health and safety as a top priority

"We have a zero-harm policy, which is passed onto our employees and technicians alike. Papertrail has been a revolutionary system for OPS with regards to control of our personal protective equipment."

Lee Bolton, Rope Access Manager
Offshore Painting Services

Import new products in seconds

Our innovative product directory allows you to scan or search for your equipment and import all product information instantly into your Papertrail account, including checklists, product manuals and photos, making managing your inventory a breeze.

Prevent fake or counterfeit equipment entering your stores and inventory
Product recall and self inspection notifications and alerts
Instant one-click entry to your Papertrail account

Features to make PPE management work for you

Improved safety inspection management

Inspection schedules to suit your business or organisational operating procedures
Status reports
Certifications and export options

Integrate into your existing systems

Powerful workflows
API Integrations
Task management, care and maintenance schedules

Management system success

Preventing Future PPE issues and availability
Lists of maintenance and quarantine Items
Reporting damaged and regular maintenance required